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60 Corinthians Songs & Football Chants

Football team playing in the Brasileiro Série A, Brazil

322 Timao Eeeeee Oooooo The most traditional Corinthians chant Afspeellijst
1525 Gaviões da Fiel Break Chant from Gaviões da Fiel, Organizated Association Fans and Samba School. Afspeellijst
1761 Corinthians Is My Life A traditional Corinthians football chant (Ed: Nice words, can relate :)) Afspeellijst
1898 Oh Boy the Hour Is Coming A song for the end of the match Afspeellijst
2212 The Almigthy Doesn't Lose at Pacaembu In 2009, Corinthians were champion of Paulista Championship without losing a match Afspeellijst
2749 Come on Corinthians - La Bamba Fans singing a "la bamba" version against Flamengo in Rio de janeiro Afspeellijst
3165 Hey, You Here... Some minutes before Corinthians conquers its Three times Brazil Cup title against Inter at Beira Rio Stadium Afspeellijst
3344 Oh Timao Great Ringtone of Timao for your mobilephone Afspeellijst
3664 Le Leleo Corinthians Corinthians Afspeellijst
3778 Hands of Lettuce Crowd singing agaist to Rogerio Ceni, São Paulo's goalkeeper Afspeellijst
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3941 Corinthians at Heart When Corinthians are winning a match or championship Afspeellijst
4137 If Corinthians Don't Win Song to threaten rivals Afspeellijst
4390 Almighty Big Team A magnific chant sung to encourage Corinthians to win Afspeellijst
5053 I'll Never Leave You The worst moments we never let's Corinthians to get alone Afspeellijst
5082 1 2 3 Bicharada Is a Customer Corinthians always defeat São Paulo (Bicharada). In Brazil, when a club always loses to another one, the defeated team is called FREGUÊS (like a customer, client) Afspeellijst
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