WereldwijdBrazilBrazil FC Index Of Football Chants

FanChants Brazil FC Index Of Football Chants

Brazil FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

3 São Paulo Brazil Wellington Greetings to the midfielder Wellington Afspeellijst
29 Fluminense Brazil The Playboy Guys Are Coming Fluminense's supporters Afspeellijst
59 Cruzeiro Brazil Mayke! Crowd singing to encourage the right-back Mayke. Afspeellijst
198 Santos Brazil I Will Sing to the Whole World Santos Fans declaring love to their club. Afspeellijst
208 Santos Brazil The Lily Delirium Santos Tune About Drugs Afspeellijst
227 Corinthians Brazil They Are out of Control Provoking the bambis when Corinthians defeats them Afspeellijst
239 Palmeiras Brazil We Are Porco Self-affirming chant. "Pig" is a self-deprecating joke, because that's the nickname given to the team and supporters by the rivals Afspeellijst
329 Fluminense Brazil We Will Be Champions NEW Football classics from Fluminense fans. Perfect for a ringtone! Afspeellijst
462 Cruzeiro Brazil Hey Referee Offenses the referee Afspeellijst
480 Corinthians Brazil Doctor, Doctor, Doctor Sócrates' tribute Afspeellijst
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482 Vasco da Gama Brazil Vasco Centenary Anthem Vasco centenary anthem.In 1998 was celebrated Vasco 100 years.This has became the theme for Unidos da Tijuca carnival group and all Vasco fans have sang it for years untill nowadays. Afspeellijst
483 América de Natal Brazil Torcida Máfia Vermelha Uma amostra do poder da TMV Afspeellijst
507 Grêmio Brazil A Feeling That Makes Love Be a grêmio suporter means a deep feeling of love Afspeellijst
512 Brasil de Pelotas Brazil Fans Sing Brasil de Pelotas Anthem Brasil de Pelotas anthem always sung by the fans Afspeellijst
592 Vasco da Gama Brazil The Boiling Cauldron Jumps... Afspeellijst
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